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Do you find it difficult to hire new leaders? Form them yourselves!

Jana will present to you a case study carried out at Bonami where the company focused on supporting junior leaders and on forming them into strong middle managers. She will talk about the close cooperation between the HR and the CEO, about servant leadership, the inseparability of all of it from the entire company culture, and about the fact that certain things simply cannot be rushed. 

You might be thinking: “Well, our company is too big for this to have such an impact.” or “Our CEO is not interested in this.” However, one day you might find yourselves in a similar situation and you will wish to support a start-up and help junior leaders catch up with their lack of experience. The Bonami story and circumstances were truly unique, perhaps all this cannot be repeated under different circumstances – but you should definitely come to your own conclusions. 

What will you learn from Jana’s lecture?

Circumstances that Bonami experienced and steps the company decided to take, the key roles in the entire process, and how long the whole solution took.

You will hear about the key factors of success when turning middle managers into leaders and how to assess that it all worked out.

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    10.10 - 10.40

    Jana Meniarová

(SK) HR Manager at Bonami