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Dude, who moved my brand?

Does employer brand work?

There has been plenty of talk around employer brand. Talent acquisition teams are catching up, launching brand strategies, recruitment marketing strategies, employee value proposition and the like. Is this the best approach for todays market, or have the candidates moved on?

Referencing research from tracking applications across 17 companies, Boorman shares the candidate journey, and how this has evolved from employer brand to job brand. What is this and what does it mean to you? Can you catch up with the candidates?

Hold on to your hats, Boorman is always controversial, challenging and will bring some new thinking.

What you will learn from Bill’s presentation?

Why are candidate getting resistant to most employer branding tactics.

Where is the employer brand market moving.

What is job brand and why it matters more than employer brand.

Event Hours(1)

  • Innovation

    14.05 - 14.35

    Bill Boorman

(UK) Founder of #Tru events