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How to impress and attract the Generation Z?

In the Team of Teams book, General McChrystal speaks about how the US Army, when intervening against ISIS for the first time, realised that it was the first enemy which couldn’t be beaten by the traditional, functioning, and fine-tuned American machinery. The army was facing an enemy which was agile, autonomous, efficient, absolutely decentralised, and with absolute sense at the level of each individual. 

 It works the same way in business, too. Your recruitment may be perfectly fine-tuned and bringing excellent results until now. However, you are facing a new generation of candidates which you won’t be able to take hold of unless you change your recruitment style, otherwise you will end up wondering why your “fine-tuned machinery” stopped working. 

 These people use other communication channels, think differently and are interested in completely different issues than the previous generation. In order to be able to approach them and attract them, eventually, you will need to change your way of thinking and functioning, similarly to the US Army. 

What will you learn from Petr’s presentation?

How does Generation Z think and process information.

What’s important to this generation and what affects its decision-making.

What to do about all that? Petr will show you what you need to change and, most importantly, how to implement the changes.

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  • Innovation

    11.10 - 11.40

    Petr Skondrojanis

Petr Skondrojanis

(CZ) Human Relations Consultant