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How to manage changes within a fast-growing company?

Is your company growing? Is the number of employees increasing? Is the number of processes increasing, too? Is there more and more red tape? What will you (likely) have to deal with when dealing with people? What should you be careful about, what can be harmful and what shouldn’t be neglected?

All companies are growing, whether the development is positive or negative. Whether your company is growing, changes its structure, or you have to let people go due to a lack of contracts, these periods of time can always do a lot of harm. At the same time, these changes can make you stronger. Vojta’s job is to help companies going through certain changes to manage the changes smoothly. He will share his experience of how to manage any kind of change within a company. He will share his tips in a practical, well-arranged, meaningful and entertaining way.

What will Vojta’s presentation bring you?

Why do founders and managers stop keeping track with their company current situation?

Why do you need strong middle management?

Why is it important for people to know company values and respect them?

What to be careful about with new colleagues whose habits are different from yours?

Why do managers need to keep motivating their people?

Why do managers need to remain as mentors and why can too much operating flexibility do harm?

How double-checking work by middle management can do more harm than good?

How to make sure that no double culture is formed in your company due to an overload of enthusiasm?

Event Hours(1)

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    09.35 - 10.05

    Vojtěch Bednář

(CZ) Corporate sociologist