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How to train your chatbot

Today, we see a high influx of tools to help us hire better through machine learning. One of these tools is a chatbot. Chris Raw from jobpal is here to share more about how to onboard chatbots into your recruitment teams with some examples of where chatbots are making a big impact in hiring. Jobpal belongs to world class in chatbots, AI and machine learning so Chris is definitely the right person to provide insight on where AI and chatbots have progressed. 

What you will learn from Chris’s presentation?

The latest development of AI and chatbots.

How to implement a chatbot in your recruitment process.

How to teach your chatbot to be as good as human.

Event Hours(1)

  • Innovation

    09.35 - 10.05

    Chris Raw

(DE) Client Services Lead & Product Strategist at Jobpal