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Is it not possible for you to find candidates in our country? Look for them abroad!

All of you know that if looking for foreign operators, you go to Ukraine instead of Poland, and if you want IT guys, you look for them in Eastern Europe. Why there, precisely? Are there any other locations from where you can bring candidates to our region? Which countries can you still count on as the ones with future capacities?

Andrew runs relocate.me, one of the largest portals dedicated to world-wide job relocation, and he will show you some very interesting analyses of the nations that are more inclined to mobility and of the level of their interest in Central and Eastern Europe. At the same time, he will show you which countries you shouldn’t count on any more, as our region is no longer attractive to them. Furthermore, Andrew will share with you some interesting data concerning the things companies are ready to offer nowadays to attract talented workers from abroad. 

What will you learn from Andrew’s lecture?

Precise data on the nations and countries you should focus on when hiring from abroad.

Regions which still have future recruitment capacities and which you should incorporate in your recruitment planning.

The package you should be able to offer foreign candidates to make your job offer interesting among your European competitors.

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    11.10 - 11.40

    Andrew Stetsenko

(UA) HR Tech Entrepreneur