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How will I network with other participants during the conference?

For this year’s event we’re bringing you a great networking application Whova, made specifically for professionals who meet at conferences and company events. First you will need it during check-in, you’ll be able to share your profile and networking, see the full agenda, information about speakers and important annoucements from organizers.


Download Whova at www.whova.com/download




Is your two-day ticket transferable?

Each ticket is tied to a name and is non-transferable, and thus valid for the ticket owner only.
But if you want to switch places with one of your colleagues on the second day, there’s a way! Buy a one-day ticket for each of you.

How can I reach the conference on public transport?

SONO Centrum is a multi-purpose cultural center that’s just a short hop from downtown. If you start from the main train station, you’ll be there in less than 15 minutes overall. Start by stepping onto tram 4 or 12, ride it to the Česká stop, switch to tram 3 or 11, and ride that to the Tábor stop. From there it’s a few short steps to SONO Centrum. For tram schedules, check HERE. Don’t worry; this site is available in English.

How can I arrive by car, and where can I park?

Unfortunately, there is no possibility to park in the SONO Center itself, however, you may use the parking available next to it, in the Platinium building, or the parking place across the Sono Center, or in the nearby side streets.

I would like to become a partner of this event or open an exhibition stand there. Who should I contact?

Please contact Denisa Králová:

+420 603 575 381


It won’t be all work and no play, right?

Of course not! Look forward to luxurious catering, music events, a photo corner, a chill-out zone, an exhibition space for partners, and naturally a fantastic after-party. You can look forward to the new underground scene, that will offer unique entertainment activities.

What about dining and refreshments?

You’ll have plenty of high-quality food and drink available to you throughout the conference in the form of a well-balanced buffet.

What’s the conference dress code?

Above all, we want for every one of you to feel comfortable. We recommend that you go “smart casual.”

What will be the language for the lectures?

Each speaker will be speaking in their native language, with simultaneous interpreting in the main hall (Innovation stage).

May I record and photograph the lectures?

Yes! All we ask is that you respect the speakers—don’t use a flash. Naturally, professional photographers and cameramen will be in action too, and everything they record will be available to you as an attendee.

How about an after-party? And where?

You can look forward to a great after-party right on-site—in the SONO Center’s music club with its excellent acoustics. 🙂

After the concert of Ukulele Orchestra jako Brno you can continue with EVOLVE! party in the bar in the city center – Air Cafe is looking forward to host you.

I’ll need a place to stay - can you arrange accommodations?

Accommodation is available in the SONO Center itself. We offer a 10% discount for the event participants.


We also cooperate with Holiday Inn, that provides discount to our participants and free of charge morning shuttle to the SONO Center. We will send the discount codes in the participants´s infopack in the fall.


If you wish to take care of your accommodation sooner, please send us a request for the discount codes to info@evolvesummit.cz.

I have no recruitment experience, but I’d to start recruiting for our company. Is this a good event for me?

Absolutely! This conference is a good choice for both old hands and new faces. Recruitment never stops changing, and we all always have plenty to learn.

I would like to join the conference for one day only. Is it possible?

Yes, no problem. Just choose which of the two days you prefer and join us for this single day. However, beware that there is a limited amount of the one-day passes, only 20 pcs. 


You are of course invited for the evening party. 🙂

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