VR-boosted hiring, wolf-packs “hunting” deer, the taste and aroma of real tea, and a new generation of HR software. You’ll find all this from our partners at the third annual Evolve! Summit

Evolve! Summit is more than just attractive lectures, world-class speakers, and a chance to network. You’ll also find a chill-out zone with our partners’ presentations. “Why did we decide to become a partner? We know and respect Michal Toman and Míra Klescht; right from the first year, they’ve been creating something that wasn’t here before,”says Ondřej Havlíček from event partner Wolf Hunt, adding: “Both Ivar Mesensky and I had the opportunity to help in organizing the first EVOLVE!, so supporting the conference today from another angle is a natural for us. We’re convinced that Michal, and Míra too, will make the third EVOLVE! at least as good as those before it.”

Our general partner GoodCall will present the practical use of virtual reality in recruitment. “Virtual reality is shaking the world, and by now it’s even making its way into recruiting. Using a video camera, a recruiter can present a candidate with their prospective new employer, teammates, and environment,” says GoodCall CEO Milan Novák, adding: “We’ll be presenting two firms this way—Avon and JetBrains. What’s more, virtual reality is useful for brand-building as well.”

Attendees will also be able to enjoy a tea party at the LMC Tea House and take inspiration from new talent-search software: At the Datacruit stand, they’ll be officially launching the new generation of their successful tool for modern recruiters and showing off new things to come in 2018. YSoft will be presenting its innovative HR software as well. And since good things come in threes, our Moscow-based partner Amazing Hiring will present a product demo on seeking and finding the most demanding technical profiles: “Our algorithm can find the biggest experts on the market, halving the costs and time needed to acquire new employees,” states their business development manager Yulia Kuzmane, who goes on to explain: “Our software creates candidate profiles using a digital fingerprint for each candidate, while merging their professional and social profile.”

Attendees will also be able to immortalize themselves in a uniquely-designed photo corner, compete in a contest, enjoy a small surprise, and romp’n’roll with to the classics with Ukulele Orchestra jako Brno. The whole SONO Center will be beautified with flowers from Greenvia—interior-greening gurus who have done the same for such names as Kiwi and Red Hat. Greenvia will also have a stand on-site, so participants can come and take a look at the decoration projects they offer, and maybe even strike a deal. Last but not least, participants will experience a gastronomic taste explosion and a chance to enjoy notes from the individual presentations in the form of “sketchnotes”—rich visual notes combining handwritten notes, drawings, and visual elements, by graphic designer Radek Petřík.

Our very original partner Wolfhunt will also have a stand. Their Deer Park application discreetly connects professionals who have rare talents to a select few firms. “At our stand, you’ll be able to meet up with wolves from our pack and chat about how to use Deer Park to lure rare ‘twelve-point bucks’ into your company,” explains Ondřej Havlíček.

The entire organizing team hopes that the event’s partners and side program will be just right for linking the overall program together, and firmly believes that EVOLVE! as a whole will lure and tempt you straight into the right—focused and open—mood!