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EVOLVE! Summit 2017 .

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Content is only for conference participants


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EVOLVE! Speakers 2017 .

Katrina Collier

Globally recognised Social Recruiting Expert (UK)
Jan Tegze

Senior Recruiting Manager - Solarwinds (CZ)
Dave Hazlehurst

Digital Marketing Strategist, “Thought Leader“ (UK)
Hollie Delaney

Head of People Operations at Zappos.com (USA)
Balazs Paroczay

Globally recognised Sourcing Strategist & Innovator (HU)
Balazs Fertig

Group Recruitment Manager at MOL Group (HU)
Tyler Golden

Global TA Operations Manager at Red Hat (USA)
Matěj Matolín

Head of HR at STRV, Recruitment Blogger (CZ)
Viktor Kustein

Head of HR at Rockaway, Recruitment Innovator (CZ)
Roman Hřebecký

Company Culture Expert, Employer Branding Specialist (CZ)
Petr Pouchlý

Gamification Evangelist and Creative Game Designer (CZ)
Karen Azulai

Global Sourcing Expert, Expert on Artificial Intelligence (ISR)
Bill Boorman

Founder #tru Conferences, Recruitment speaker, Blogger (UK)
Jan Bleha

Community Manager at Kiwi.com, Modern Recruitment Innovator (CZ)
Petra Hrušková

Staffing Business Partner, EMEA Emerging Markets at Google (CZ)