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Andrej Winter

Personalist Andrej Winter brings more humanity and personal relationships into online recruiting. He created the JobAngels job portal where people help each other to find a job in exchange for a financial reward.

This innovative platform brings together more than 1500 people in the Czech Republic and Slovakia helping to connect companies with job seekers. In addition to humanity, Andrej also believes in the power of analysis.

According to him, numbers are an objective indicator that can tell people so much about themselves. Only the recruiters who are able to work with numbers can move up in understanding interpersonal relationships and processes.

All Sessions By Andrej Winter

Does your Recruitment Turn your Biggest Fans into the Biggest Haters?
13. 11. 2018 16.10–16.50
Most of the candidates decide to apply for a position at your firm with a positive perception of your company. It might be your fans or people, whose attention you managed to catch to the point they want to work for you. Some companies may have acquired these fans thanks to their strong employer brand that they have been building long and hard. It is surprising then, to see that the recruitment process and how these people are approached during the recruitment stage may totally change their opinion. Within a few weeks of recruiting process, all this work can be lost and fans may be turned into haters. Andrej, who is behind the advanced job portal JobAngels, measures the NPS (net promoter score) at all advertised positions, starting at the beginning of the process, where the candidate submits his or her CV and at the end, after the recruitment for the position is closed. He will show us which moments in the recruitment process have the biggest impact on the candidate experience and what to look out for in order to not create more haters.