Jakub Ryba

Jakub Ryba is a marketing specialist, an innovator and a manager. At Edenred, he is responsible for the complete digital transformation of traditional paperwork business into an electronic form, which will become the main form of distribution of meal vouchers and benefits within three years from now.

He spent several years working for O2 where he took care of development of innovative and digital projects even before the smartphone era, where some of the projects are still working even ten years later – for instance, the project www.odmenazadobiti.cz. This one was his “baby” even before Jakub got married. During the past five years, he has been working in the fintech area where he managed the development of a software platform for financial consulting companies, participated in the establishment of financial consulting companies in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and in Asia and provided them with technical support. Jakub believes that innovation and creativity is about interconnecting processes of various fields which are verified, yet which can add a value if offered in a new combination. Steve Jobs called this “connecting the dots“.

At this year’s EVOLVE! Summit, Jakub will present you the vision of Edenred in the area of mobile payments and digitalisation of employee benefits leading to their “democratisation”.