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Jiří Boudal

Sociologist Jiří Boudal is the co-owner and managing director of the Behavio Labs company which focuses on the rules of subconscious and intuitive decision making. He helps his clients with researches, strategies and marketing trainings. In his work, he emphasizes simplicity and data clarity.

Jiří focuses mostly on branding and communication. However, there are more and more clients, such as Raiffeisenbank, McDonald’s and Deloitte, that ask for help in the field of recruiting, HR branding and employee engagement.

As a former lobbyist, Jiří managed to successfully push through several anti-corruption laws. He also worked in advertising and created various viral campaigns.

All Sessions By Jiří Boudal

How to Recruit the Subconscious of your Mind? The Systematic Approach to Building a Strong Employer Brand
13. 11. 2018 16.10–16.50
To attract capable people is becoming more and more difficult and expensive. However, there are companies, who´s job ads are always clicked on first and where people simply want to work, even though their pay will be lower by tens of percent. The mention of “employer branding” is therefore not omitted in any great list of „10 must read tips for successful recruitment“. However, not very often are we able to learn more than that a company must nourish its good reputation, clearly communicate its values, create a friendly atmosphere and shoot an HR video. In reality, none of this can guarantee that your brand will contribute to the decision of people to work for you. Thanks to modern psychology and neuroscience we can clearly understand how a brain functions in a process of decision making and what does and what does not have an impact on how strong your employer brand becomes. Jiří will demonstrate several real-life stories and will also provide evidence based tips on how to effectively strengthen your brand – whether it goes viral or you spend millions on recruitment campaigns.