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Karen Azulai

Karen is a founder and a Global Sourcing Expert at everythingsourcing.com and a leading voice of sourcing in the highly competitive talent market in Israel. Karen routinely attends international sourcing conferences such as #SOSU, Sourcecon, TruLondon, Ride and more.

She is very active in local and international sourcing groups and enjoys sharing information either by lecturing in local recruiting and sourcing conferences or by sharing her ideas and knowledge in posts, as well as in her advanced sourcing trainings.

Her fascination with the future and the latest state of the art technologies – Robotics, AI and other futuristic technologies – Prompt her to constantly test new tools to make the search more effective.

All Sessions By Karen Azulai

Will smart chatbots replace recruiters?
9. 11. 2017 9.55-10.40
Welcome to the Chatbots Revolution! And yes, we can call it a Revolution as it seems it is turning out to be even greater than the apps revolution! Chatbots technology is hailed as the disruptive new comer in recruitment and it seems it will be greater than anything we have witnessed to date. The basic added value and purpose of a chatbot in recruitment is to replace human repetitive tasks. Bots don’t have a schedule, they are available 24/7/365 and they don’t require an employment agreement…In my talk we will try to understand where does this formula apply in the recruiting/sourcing world – What are those repetitive tasks that we do that can be replaced by smart chat bots and what smart recruiting chat bots are ALREADY out there that we can start using.