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Kateřina Gábová

During the past 15 years, Kateřina Gábová collected experience in many HR disciplines. She started her career in HR administration, then moved to HR Business Partnering and HR management. She experienced both corporate and start-up business environments.

In 2016 she became HR director of Kiwi.com, a technology company focusing on pairing clients with cheap flights. The company was among the 50 fastest growing companies in the Central European region last year and Kateřina’s team supported this growth by recruiting 500 new employees.

Kateřina is responsible not only for ensuring that Kiwi.com attracts the best talents but also for keeping them in the company while not losing the specific Kiwi culture.



All Sessions By Kateřina Gábová

Data Driven Candidate Experience
13. 11. 2018 11.35–12.15
These few buzzwords represent a very hands-on presentation about Kiwi.com quest to reach satisfaction of its candidates – idea-wise and technology-wise. You will learn what Katka and her team found useful and what didn’t work for them, how much it cost (time, money, sanity) and why they do what they do. Based on the data gathered throughout the process she will demonstrate Kiwi.com´s recruitment details, especially with the focus on how to measure and improve satisfaction of all people that take part in their recruitment process.