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Lucia Šicková

Co-founder of Pixel Federation Lucia Šicková is into innovations, education, games and sustainable growth. She has many years of experience in the IT field and in HR for the creative industry.

Throughout her career, she worked on HR projects for corporate firms, analyzed coaching needs in the public sector and lead various IT projects.

All these activities drove Lucia to start her own business and now, she actively participates in the management of her company while organizing activities for another of her projects – Edufactory by Pixel Federation, which focuses mainly on developing and supporting educational programs  that help students better understand various social topics using the latest technology.

All Sessions By Lucia Šicková

Education as a strategic priority and building an EDUCATIONAL ORGANIZATION
13. 11. 2018 10.50–11.30
Becoming the biggest gaming development studio has plenty of advantages – success, attention, satisfaction. The challenge, however, is the service and infrastructure – there are no schools teaching gaming development, there are no headhunters with network of gaming developers, there are no soft skills vendors that would understand the needs of this industry. How do you navigate the space that does not have „ready-made“ professionals but you have to “create” them? Pixel Federation has 220 employees, 3 live products and about 30 mil EUR turnover per year. While growing, the company had to face many challenges, especially in the area of know-how of the company. It started to build a complex educational organization including its own major at a university. Behind each game, there is a system design, and similarly, Pixel Design itself is built on several pillars, it has its goals, its „epic win”, it allows for mistakes and gives feedback and last but not least it constantly develops. Come and learn how to build an ecosystem of an educational organization and how to successfully nourish it.