Lucie Halušková


Lucie graduated from the Faculty of Law at Palacký University and after gaining experience in law practice and the Czech Republic embassy in Athens, she settled in HR (Human Resources). She has been involved in various roles since 2006. As a Group HR Manager, she led HR operations in 9 European countries for the company Brammer. For the Italian company HTS, she implemented and set up HR processes, including payroll systems, recruitment, and human capital stabilization, focusing on the production of heat exchangers.

In IVECO Bus company, she oversaw personnel in the production of buses, managing over 3,500 employees. Her responsibilities included reducing absenteeism and turnover and planning the headcount to ensure the highest labor productivity.

From 2019 to 2021, as the first employee and executive member of the management, she launched a new Dutch retail chain called Action. She handled everything from recruitment to setting up systems, processes, HR controlling, retention principles, and onboarding, including training management and staff across the entire Czech Republic.

In 2021, she founded the educational community HR Legal club, which focuses on connecting law and human resources and providing education for HR professionals. She organizes regular meetings for HR managers as part of the “HR mezi řádky” (HR in Vineyards) project and is involved in interim HR management. She improves, sets up, and audits processes in retail and manufacturing companies, implements HR controlling, and simplifies HR processes.