Marian Hurta

Marian Hurta is one of the founders of ENGETO Academy focusing on marketing, recruitment, and company cooperation. He kicked off his career as an IT recruiter for a multinational technological company. A lack of IT guys was evident at that time, so he came up with an idea how to approach hiring new talents differently. In his opinion, there is a lack of candidates, so we shouldn’t focus on finding a better way to bringing the existing ones to our companies, but on bringing new candidates to the market instead.

Marian established his educational start-up “ENGETO Academy” providing complex IT education to junior workers. ENGETO developed its own educational platform which is used by over 3,000 people for study purposes and which serves for full-time as well as online courses.

Marian believes that people are much more talented than they actually think. He believes that, in cooperation with IT firms, new and motivated candidates can be brought to the market by developing their talents. He will share with you why ENGETO Academy finds education so important, how companies help significantly in candidate training, and why over a hundred graduates got a job in the IT field.