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Milan Novák

Milan Novák’s fields of interest are mostly technology, strategy, optimization and outsourcing of the recruitment process. After 13 years spent on various managing positions at Grafton Recruitment, he started his own company GoodCall.

GoodCall focuses on consistent monitoring of the job market dynamics using latest technology. For example, it keeps potential candidates informed via their own mobile app.

Milan has also co-founded the companies Recruitment Academy and Datacruit. Throughout his career, he worked for many international clients such as ExxonMobil, Microsoft, Google, Coca-Cola and Honeywell.

All Sessions By Milan Novák

How to find and put together a (super) successful recruitment team?
13. 11. 2018 14.15–14.55
What is the common link between successful sourcers and recruiters? How to recruit people who will recruit people? Milan has built many successful recruitment teams during his career. At the same time he has encountered a few mistakes and bad decisions along the way. He will share his experience on how to build the strongest recruitment team, the characteristics that a recruiter or a sourcer shall have and how to work, develop and manage such teams.