Oti Tůmová

🇬🇧 Oti has over 17 years of experience in HR, primarily in the IT field. She has been involved in recruitment at companies such as Axial and Manpower. She founded and managed the sourcing department at Logos, and later worked as a Senior HR Business Partner at Ness Czech, focusing on various HR areas. Currently, she holds the same role at Principal Engineering, where her responsibilities include corporate HR processes, large recruitment projects for external clients, HR marketing, and branding. She also works as a mentor in collaboration with Aplayerz.

Oti is also a trainer and mentor in the field of LinkedIn. She is connected to the #suHR community and advocates for better HR practices. She is the host of a private podcast called “Holky dRzý” (which is not only about HR) and a corporate podcast called “TEBE neZNÁM” within Principal.

Additionally, she is an actress at Na Prádle theater as part of the LASO theater ensemble.