Petr Hovorka

Petr has been doing business since the age of 19. He has been learning his way of employer brand building for 15 years. Petr has managed and co-owned the largest Czech calendar publishing house – Helma 365, co-founded an agency specialised in internal communication – INSIDERS, but in the end he realised his potential is in building employer brands and the job for him is a “baker” at BrandBakers. 

Petr considers employer branding as a leadership concept for increasing company value with the ultimate goal to involve the employees and improve company results as much as possible. His job is to create work that is meaningful in a caring environment. At BrandBakers, Petr teaches companies to be comprehensive and to strengthen this quality constantly and transform it to employee experience. What he loves most is co-working with people from other companies and the moments when he sees they start getting the sense of things because they can create and form things. Despite having his head in the clouds every now and then,he is primarily a businessman and a manager. Simply said, doing business is in his nature. Besides work, he loves spending time with his family, enjoying life, and he is a real gourmet. 

At the EVOLVE! Summit, he will be the host of Underground Stage and its workshops and product lectures.

All Sessions By Petr Hovorka

Building an Employer Brand. Today´s Buzzword.
14. 11. 2018 15.00–15.40
Petr will share his utmost personal experience with building an (employer) brand for his own company. He will tell you his story of encountering the brand and the development process that widely exceeded his initial intentions. Petr will also share the weak points he encountered with his colleagues on the way, because there was actually quite a few. He will also tell you, what the benefit in all that was. He will talk about building a company culture – the people and how to inspire them, creating a context and environment, setting up rules and spreading the ideas.