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Petr Hovorka

Businessman and manager Petr Hovorka started his first business when he was only 19 years old. For 13 years, he co-owned and led the largest Czech calendar publishing house Helma and co-founded the INSIDERS internal communication agency.

He eventually found out that the profession closest to his heart is employer branding and his place at the BrandBakers company. He now focuses on creating and implementing strategies and managing new projects.

Petr brings his know-how about building relationships in business to the HR world. Employer branding is not a marketing avant-garde for him but a vital leadership concept for increasing the value of businesses.

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Building an Employer Brand. Today´s Buzzword.
14. 11. 2018 15.00–15.40
Petr will share his utmost personal experience with building an (employer) brand for his own company. He will tell you his story of encountering the brand and the development process that widely exceeded his initial intentions. Petr will also share the weak points he encountered with his colleagues on the way, because there was actually quite a few. He will also tell you, what the benefit in all that was. He will talk about building a company culture – the people and how to inspire them, creating a context and environment, setting up rules and spreading the ideas.