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Petr Pouchlý

Petr is a creative, a designer, and a gamification evangelist. He combines experience from three worlds: multinational corporations (where he worked for 13 years), the non-profit sector (where he worked for much longer), and doing business privately in Court of Moravia, a “free company”—one run in the style of Google and Patagonia. He takes the best from all of these worlds for building communities, leading teams, and working with people. Crazy enough not to lose contact with Generation Y, and patient enough to know how to translate their needs for older generations.

He’s been devoted to play his whole life long, and he hasn’t stopped yet. He’s created dozens of games, and played thousands, and he’s put everything he’s learned from them to good use by     carrying gaming principles over into everyday life—primarily systematic work with motivation, long-term cooperation, and creating innovative solutions.

At the moment, besides teaching at Masaryk University, seeking new business opportunities, and playing, he heads Court of Moravia, a free company that’s the Czech market leader in gamification and playful solutions.His quest is for victory over “screw it” work styles, Hating Your Job, cheap paperback truths, and the wretched work with people that’s often disguised as Human Resources.


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Hiring through play: An effective tool for drawing candidates in and engaging them
8. 11. 2017 14.50-15.35
When you see the results of your honest work, when you understand its context and meaning and, ideally, you’re building up your own business, you experience the same delight as a gamer who’s in the zone. As a gamer, you want to be pulled into the game from your very first contact. From its marketing, to its packaging, to its actual content. Even the very best games don’t just sell themselves; nor does your business. And on the other hand, attractive advertising can’t replace content. But there’s one difference: your work brings real results—not just a fictional game score. You’ve found meaning in what you’re doing, and you’re fully aware of it. When you really look at it, you see that you’re not just effective, but actually happy too. Your work makes sense.