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Petr Skondrojanis

Petr has been in the personnel business since he was just 18 years old. He co-founded three personnel agencies, and since the way that these agencies work doesn’t suit his tastes, he’s considering founding another that will be much more open and “partner-like.” He helps companies create content that they can proudly share beyond their offices – content the outside world can trust. He builds conferences and marketing concepts that are born out of emotions and passion.

He is an “activist of Why”: he believes the question “why” should be answered before every activity. He is a moderator for events and conferences that he trusts and where he can actively participate in the topic. His core philosophy is that humans are creators and create for other people, and thus they cannot be forgotten in any process – which is sadly something that happens ever more often today. That’s why in 2015, he founded the company culture marketplace cocuma.cz.

Petr will be a moderator of the Innovation stage once again