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Petra Hrušková

Petra Hrušková is responsible for the EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) region at Google. In Paris, she managed a regional team of recruiters and closely cooperated with the business and HR leadership. For the last five years, she has been building cross-region teams and bringing Google dozens of top people, practically every one of whom has succeeded there and further developed their careers.

Petra will help you gain inspiration from top employees and actively think about what you can change at your own company to reach “HR nirvana.”


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Hire for Googliness
9. 11. 2017 9.55-10.40
You might say to yourself that working for Google is every recruiter’s dream. What can be simpler than working for the world’s most valuable brand? For a company that attracts through its brand alone? You expect that candidates are waiting in line to work for a company like this. But what’s the reality? What’s it like to hire for a brand this strong? What’s it like to seek “Googliness” in candidates, and what are the differences in hiring structure?