Petra Sobotková

🇬🇧 Petra has been working in marketing for over 14 years, currently with a strong focus on branding and brand building. She is also a co-founder and one of the owners of the turquoise company Mindset Mentors.

Throughout her career, she has held marketing positions in various companies, with a focus on education, industry, PR, information platforms, FMCG, and IT/tech startups. She studied media studies, but she also studied French, English, and Czech. And because she enjoys the Czech language, she dedicates herself to copywriting in her company and enjoys creating good and functional texts.

She is engaged in mentoring focused on internal and external communication, with a consideration for values and mission. She enjoys building a self-managing organization with a flat structure, living by its principles, and creating a company that has a real and meaningful impact on people’s lives, not only in their professional but also personal lives – thanks to effective communication.