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Šimon Kubita

Programmer Šimon Kubita definitely doesn´t fit the stereotype of a silent geek boy dedicated only to computers. Besides his analytical mind, he´s also a business thinker.

Even without a great CV, he started working in the Alza.cz HR department and within 2 years, he managed to create a project called Mikrozaměstnávání from A to Z which is used to organize short-term part-time jobs.

Šimon’s goal is to automate the work of HR staff as much as possible to make employees, candidates and the company equally satisfied.

All Sessions By Šimon Kubita

IT as a Key Component of the HR Department
13. 11. 2018 9.45–10.25
HR has never been affected so much by modern technologies as it is today. Yet at the same time, HR has never had such an opportunity to use the potential of these technologies as it has now. If you are serious about using modern technology in HR and recruitment, you should ask yourself the following question: „ Shouldn´t the HR department include an IT team that will work specifically for HR? “. Similar question was posed in Alza not too long ago and they have decided to hire several developers next to the recruiters, HR Business Partners and Generalists. Thanks to them, Alza´s HR department can develop various tailored apps and is not dependent on external third parties. Marek and Šimon will show you why they think that having an IT team incorporated in the HR department is a good idea and what the pros and cons of such structure are, and last but not least, how it affects the success of the company when hiring new people and taking care of their current employees.
Alza and its Apps and Technology Tricks for HR
14. 11. 2018 9.45–10.25
You may have already come across an article where Alza describes some of its apps that were tailor-made by their own IT colleagues. Whether it is an app for hiring temporary workers that such workers use in order to sign their contract with just one click, their own ATS system or their own app used for psychodiagnostics, all these apps are very original and unconventional in their nature. Marek and Simon will show you some of them and demonstrate, how it makes their everyday life in Alza easier.