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Tyler Golden

Tyler Golden is an American expat living in Prague. With her borderline obsessive love of organization and a passion for cross cultural communications, she’s loving her role as Global TA Operations Manager for Red Hat, the world’s leading provider of open source software solutions and one of Forbes’ Most Innovative Companies.

Prior to moving into Operations, she spent over 15 years in hands on technical recruiting, both in the US and in Europe. She learned the ropes in the agency world during the .com bubble burst and found her calling on the corporate side, helping Red Hat maintain its unique culture while hiring aggressively across the globe.

Tyler’s built a reputation for expertise in social media, events and community based recruiting and is now shifting her focus internally to build out Red Hat’s TA operations, enablement and compliance programs.

You can usually find her in coffee shops, with her laptop and headphones, but don’t be afraid to sit down; she’s always open to discussing the future of recruiting, or giving advice on international hiring, over a good cup of coffee. If you’re not in Prague, feel free to reach out to her on Twitter @tylersiprova.


All Sessions By Tyler Golden

Building a Successful Employee Referral Program: The Red Hat Ambassador Story
9. 11. 2017 9.00-9.45
In this talk, we’ll examine the keys to building and maintaining a successful employee referral program. When implemented correctly, a referral program can be your most powerful recruiting engine, however many factors can influence the outcome. We’ll specifically examine the connection between your overall employee satisfaction and referral rates, the importance of clearly defined program rules and service level agreements, the need for transparency in the process and the challenges of developing a fair reward structure, especially in an international environment.