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Viktor Kustein

During his studies at the Masaryk University Faculty of Law, Viktor Kustein together with his colleagues founded GrowJOB Institute. As a consultant, he managed to change dozens of Czech companies and helped some of them to expand abroad, especially to German-speaking countries.

After this experience, he followed the path of human resources. In Rockaway Capital, he and his colleague created a department called HR 2.0 – Human Relations. It focused on corporate culture and community building across companies in the Rockaway Group portfolio. Using algorithms, Viktor worked on automating some HR processes to have enough time to work with people.

He eventually moved to his native town of Pardubice after several years where he became the product manager of Feedyou´s HR chatbot. Thanks to his previous experience, Viktor believes that chatbots will be the key technology in the future of HR, recruitment, onboarding, internal communication and benefits.

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Build your Own Chatbot
14. 11. 2018 13.10–14.35
You have probably heard about chatbots by now. They are currently one of the most talked-about topics in HR Tech. You might be thinking about creating and setting up your own chatbot but you are not sure how to go about it? The development must be expensive, you have to find the supplier, get an approval – a project taking 6 months, at least. Or not. Vojta and Viktor will show you how to build your own simple chatbot. They will show you the most common uses in HR and they might inspire you by demonstrating the areas this technology may be used in and what the benefits are. With their guidance you will create your very own chatbot that you can take home and set it up in your company the next day. And last but not least, they will also show you how to bring the chatbot to life and set it up on your career website or your Facebook page.