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How to create a love brand within a company and keep your colleagues excited?

The eight-year trip of culinary heroes from Brno started by opening the “Turbomošt” stall at the Christmas market. Nowadays, the group of students has turned into the Lidi z Baru community of 170 members. With pride, they take part in the gastro-revolution of Brno. These people grow extremely fast, hate the word “corporation” and are very particular about hospitality towards guests as well as towards one another. 

What will you learn from Olinka’s presentation?

At which stage did she, as a psychologist, get involved in this adventure and what is her mission within the company?

How to go about HR, so that the bohemian bartenders would accept it and use it effectively?

How to look after your company values and culture across various kinds of enterprises?

Why is the “Lidi z Baru” community so close to heart of many people who had never before dreamed about working in the gastronomy field?

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    10.10 - 10.40

    Olinka Vlachynská

(CZ) Psychologist at Lidizbaru.cz