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How to use people analytics and intelligence as supportive evidence when recommending business strategies to the C-suite

KornFerry estimates that Global labor shortages of 85.2 million skilled workers are projected by 2030, resulting in lost revenue opportunities of $8.42 trillion – the combined GDP of Germany & Japan. Global unemployment rates continue to decline. According to The World Bank, the unemployment total as a percentage of the total labor force is with 4.9% the lowest in the last decade.  Due to technology, there is more data available to conduct evidence based business decisions and there are more possibilities for HR to help steer and drive more effective decision making across our businesses. This session will look at how to build this capability, what systems, processes, tools and capabilities are needed and some of the lessons learnt.

What you will learn from Toby’s presentation?

What is Talent Intelligence and why it is important to have it in your company.

How can Talent Inteligence or People Analytics help you company to make the right decisions.

Story of how Toby and his team created Talent Intelligence at Philips and results.

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    14.05 - 14.35

    Toby Culshaw

(UK) Global Head of Talent Intelligence & Executive Recruitment Research at Philips