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The art of romance and how to get better at it

Wondering how romance relates to recruitment? It’s surprising how often this industry overlaps with the pursuing of a partner – and sometimes even comes with the same struggles. 

Not convinced? Let Stan take you on a ‘date’ to discuss how attraction translates into talent acquisition and the language love in HR, all while keeping it strictly professional.

Learn how to flirt with the candidate’s brain, watch conversations with talent transcend into tête-à-têtes and begin to nurture those all-important relationships with the individuals you want to recruit. 

Surpass simply being an option to candidates: here’s to being desirable!

What you will learn from Stan’s presentation?

How to understand the psychology of candidates attraction.

How to understand the patterns of effective communication with your talent pool.

How to differentiate yourself among all the others.

Event Hours(1)

  • Innovation

    11.10 - 11.40

    Stan Wasowicz

(UK) Chief Commercial Officer at Recruitd