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Balazs Fertig

Balazs Fertig has spent his entire career in HR and mostly in recruitment talent acquisition and currently leading MOL Groups’ – the second most valuable company in Central and Eastern Europe – recruitment organization on the Group-level.

Before joining MOL he has been working for 6 years at BP’s Hungarian SSC in various HR roles which were mostly linked to recruitment. With his team they have managed the growth of the centre from 400 to 1300. Prior to joining, Balazs worked in various corporate (GE), and recruitment agency roles, while he was leading sourcing function as well

Balazs has over fourteen years of recruitment experience and is very much engaged with recruitment, identifying innovative talent attraction tools and solutions and creating a candidate experience for the potential new joiners.


All Sessions By Balazs Fertig

Strategic Sourcing session
9. 11. 2017 16:00 - 16:45
Building a successful sourcing function can be seen as a simple exercise. Here is the regular receipt: hire a few experienced sourcers, buy some LinkedIn Recruiter seats and tell your recruiters that they can now stop booleaning. Olala, the sourcing SWAT team is here! The vast majority of corporations start building a sourcing function just like this… and then no one understands why things do not turn into a sourcing nirvana. Why do we still struggle to fill our roles if we have these experienced sourcers? why do we still need to pay for tools, advertisement and sourcing licences? why do we still run more-or-less the same Time-to-Fill? why are the Hiring Managers still not our best friends?