Eva Vacíková

Eva has been involved in the HR area for 25 years. Being originally a technician who had studied electrical engineering and technical cybernetics, she first worked in the nuclear reactor management. There were far too many technicians at that time, so after her maternity leave she started working with people instead. Her experience went all the way from operator training, HR information systems, HR processes to the development of human potential.

Eva helps companies with a vision and liability to their impact on this planet. She believes in conscious entrepreneurship and appreciates every single day of her life.

Being mainly a linking element working with a community of strong personalities, she helps them move the limits of entrepreneurship by sharing their know-how and skills. In particular, Eva provides advice to companies which aspire to solve real global challenges and aim for the global markets. Her work is associated with JIC and its strategy of open innovation ecosystem.

She believes in personal and company vision which becomes real by collective sharing. Eva believes that the happiness of individuals matters and that people are happier at work if they know where they are heading and if they share their visions, losses and victories. What she brings to business is an energy that moves things forward.

At the EVOLVE! Summit, she will be the host of Experience Stage.