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Jan Bleha

Jan Bleha is a man full of enthusiasm for organizing events that bring people together. He loves work with communities of all kinds, and so he’s found his place as Community Manager at Kiwi.com, one of the nation’s fastest-growing technology companies, which provides an innovative way of finding airline tickets.

Before he started working at Kiwi.com, he worked at a similar position for Red Hat, where one of his accomplishments was leading the organization of the DevConf.cz conference for over 1,200 people. Jan has also spent a long time on the territory of the former Soviet Union, where he worked on organizing and promoting various events.

He is a graduate of Brno University of Technology, where he majored in information technology. So he connects his IT knowledge with his passion for bringing people together, and he constantly dreams up, plans, and organizes various IT events—contests, meet-ups, hackathons, conferences, and much more.

At Kiwi.com he leads a team focused on connecting the company’s technology department with people who are of interest from the standpoint of recruiting or technological partnerships. He enjoys chatting about possibilities for organizing interesting events, and also helps with kickstarting them or getting them support from Kiwi.com.


All Sessions By Jan Bleha

How to build a recruitment strategy for your communities?
9. 11. 2017 10.45-11.30
Come and learn more about organizing and supporting IT events, meetups, hackathons, contests, and other community activities with the aim of improving your recruitment and building your brand of an attractive tech employer. In this lecture, I’ll primarily speak about work with IT communities and targeted promotion of your company as an attractive technology employer.