Kasia Tang

Social Recruiting & Sourcing Trainer, bilingual blogger at www.kasiatang.com and the founder of Recruitment Open Community Polska, the largest online community for Polish recruiters with over 3300 members. She works with recruitment teams and managers, helping them find and attract more candidates online. She also regularly attends recruitment events both in Poland and internationally and as a sci-fi fan will use any excuse to mention her favourite science fiction writers in her presentations.

At the EVOLVE! Summit Kasia together with Petr Skondrojanis will host the Innovation stage. Besides that she will also speak about digital minimalism for recruiters. We live in a distracted society where few of us manage to go through their day without nervously checking their phone for social media notifications multiple times a day. This means we’re less and less able to engage in deep, focused work. But how can we avoid distraction when social media are one of our main tools at work? Is minimizing our digital interactions even an option for recruiters? By applying more discipline into how we use social media and other digital tools, we can maintain better focus at work and reach better results when sourcing.