Lenka Kejíková

🇬🇧 Lenka graduated from the University of Economics. During her studies, she started working in the insurance industry, holding various positions until she eventually found her true calling in the field of risk management. She dedicated 12 years to this emerging field and also lectured on it at the University of Economics. Since 2014, she has been part of the Generali Group in the Czech Republic, where she joined as a Senior Manager in risk management. Her responsibilities included developing risk management processes, implementing regulatory requirements, and analyzing strategic risks not only for the Czech Republic but also coordinating these matters across other Generali companies in Central and Eastern Europe. In 2021, she left the risk management area to accept the position of CEO and Chairperson of the Board at Generali penzijní společnost (Generali Pension Company), the largest pension company in the Czech Republic, managing retirement savings for over a million clients.