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Oliver Jakubík

Already during his university studies, Oliver started working as a salesman and sales manager. Later on, he worked in top sales and managerial positions, successfully leading strategic and sales teams of up to 120 employees.

Since 2008, within the activities of his own consultancy company he has been helping companies, managers, and entrepreneurs in the area of personal development and employer brand development.

As a coach, he has held company trainings, experience workshops, and public lectures for more than 6,000 participants with a total average satisfaction score over 95%. Oliver believes that a successful lecture, training or workshop should combine a friendly atmosphere, attractive content, and ability to provide the participants with a specific answer to the question “What should be my first step to a change tomorrow?”

Nowadays, HR managers and employer branding specialists ought to create attractive communication news within a short while and at a minimum cost. At the EVOLVE! Summit, Oliver will thus present the best applications and tools for simple yet professional creation of visual materials. Therefore, if you are interested in learning about an attractive form of internal and external HR communication, you shouldn’t miss this lecture.