Ondřej Tyl

🇬🇧 Ondřej Tyl is a man who did not follow the path of expectation. Although he earned a degree in law from Charles University, he was always drawn more towards the world of business and marketing. He began his career as a salesman at Benefit Plus, but no one at that time expected the way he would transform the face of this company.

Benefit Plus, a company specializing in employee benefits, was in its early stages when he joined. Over the course of twenty years with the company, Ondřej Tyl became the architect of its success. Under his leadership, Benefit Plus became one of the leading players in the employee benefits market in the Czech Republic, employing more than a hundred people and generating revenue exceeding 4 billion Czech koruna.

His first chapter in the field of employee benefits was written as a salesman at Benefit Plus, a company that was just starting its journey. Ondřej’s brilliant vision and passion for innovation were the key factors that allowed Benefit Plus to become one of the leading players in the field of employee benefits in the Czech Republic in less than 20 years.

During this adventure, which he calls Ondřej’s life project, Benefit Plus grew to employ more than a hundred staff and achieved a turnover of 4 billion Czech koruna. Ondřej Tyl not only became a significant entrepreneur but also an inspiration to many others seeking the path to success.

Ondřej’s passion for innovation and entrepreneurship knows no bounds. During his career, he also founded the Travel Agency Benefit Plus, offering unforgettable travel experiences for clients. And that’s not all – his latest project is the HeRe magazine, focused on the HR community. This magazine will be introduced for the first time at the EVOLVE! Summit 2023.

Ondřej is an example that with passion, determination, and vision, you can achieve incredible results in business. His story is an inspiration to all who are not afraid to go against the tide and pursue their dreams. Come meet him at the EVOLVE! Summit and be inspired by his personality.