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8. - 9. 11. 2017 Brno

Agenda of EVOLVE! Summit 2017 .

Two days full of presentations and workshops. Specialists from all over the world. New Technologies and Sourcing of the 21st Century ...






EVOLVE! Speakers 2017 .

Katrina Collier

Globally recognised Social Recruiting Expert (UK)
Jan Tegze

Senior Recruiting Manager - Solarwinds (CZ)
Dave Hazlehurst

Digital Marketing Strategist, “Thought Leader“ (UK)
Hollie Delaney

Head of People Operations at (USA)
Balazs Paroczay

Globally recognised Sourcing Strategist & Innovator (HU)
Balazs Fertig

Group Recruitment Manager at MOL Group (HU)
Tyler Golden

Global TA Operations Manager at Red Hat (USA)
Matěj Matolín

Head of HR at STRV, Recruitment Blogger (CZ)
Viktor Kustein

Head of HR at Rockaway, Recruitment Innovator (CZ)
Roman Hřebecký

Company Culture Expert, Employer Branding Specialist (CZ)
Petr Pouchlý

Gamification Evangelist and Creative Game Designer (CZ)
Karen Azulai

Global Sourcing Expert, Expert on Artificial Intelligence (ISR)
Bill Boorman

Founder #tru Conferences, Recruitment speaker, Blogger (UK)
Jan Bleha

Community Manager at, Modern Recruitment Innovator (CZ)
Petra Hrušková

Staffing Business Partner, EMEA Emerging Markets at Google (CZ)
Petr Skondrojanis

MODERATOR of EVOLVE! Summit 2017

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One of the nation’s best conferences (and maybe the very best) in its “weight class.” Superbly chosen speakers, and topics that formed a great whole. Flawless organization, a great, comfortable site, the Ukulele Orchestra, and Brno... Fabulous content overall, and a once-in- a- lifetime atmosphere. Thanks.
Thank you for this wonderful experience. It was great to realize how much my colleagues from other companies run into the same topics and problems as I do. EVOLVE! has helped us all to break past the competitive nature of our work and openly share our experience and opinions.
A great selection of speakers who complemented each other well and delivered controversial topics that made waves in our sometimes-stagnant recruitment waters, along with a great atmosphere and organization... and the result is: you don’t have to head all the way out to SOSU anymore.
I’m heading off from Evolve truly excited! I was expecting a plain old boring conference, but instead I saw several truly inspiring presentations, from which I’m taking away dozens of sheets filled with notes and ideas.
EVOLVE! met, or rather exceeded my expectations, both in its truly pro-class organization and in its subjects and contents. It had a good balance of lectures vs. practical tips and ideas. And I also valued the different viewpoints of the individual speakers—who could sometimes seem to be contradicting each other, but I take that as a positive, natural plurality of opinions and views that’s one more thing to inspire me. So one more time — thanks and respects 🙂
Víc takových akcí! Inspirativni a motivující témata, profesionální řečníci. Akce měla spád a nechyběla ani dávka humoru. Těším se na další ročník.

Alena Halotă CSC, Corporate Shared Services Europe

Evolve was fantastic, and I’m glad I had the chance to participate. I’ve been at lots of HR events, but this—this was missing, nationwide. Here’s a thank-you to the whole team of organizers and speakers for their work. I look forward to next year.

Pavlína Novotná Head of Personnel Department - KYB Manufacturing Czech s.r.o

A very interesting and innovative summit with good advice on how to be better and be noticed among the rest in HR.

Dominik Chmara Balanced HR

I was delighted to be asked to speak at the Evolve Summit in Brno the Czech Republic. I gave two presentations, Sourcing on Facebook and Candidate Engagement. Thanks to Michal Toman and all the organizers of Evolve for running a fantastic event.

Shane McCusker Speaker, Evolve Summit 2016

EVOLVE! Summit is a conference for professionals who care about trends, changes, and real-world experience. It’s a conference where you can gain inspiration from around the nation and the world. Every recruiter, every sourcer, everyone in HR who takes their work seriously should have this event in their calendar.

Miloš Marcinek Notino

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